Great News! Long Pond Conservancy (LPC) has formalized the agreement to purchase the 48-acre west-shore property from the 1812 Homestead.

Here’s the challenge.

Long Pond Conservancy has raised closed to $200,000 but we still need to raise another $100,000 before the end of the year. We need your help!

What can you do to help? Please make a generous donation in 2017. Then, if Long Pond Conservancy uses a loan to buy the Property, pledge to contribute during the time it takes to pay it off. In short, preserving the Long Pond’s western shore requires $150,000. Your donations and pledges are the key to success.


Visit gofundme.com/savelongpond to donate!

Long Pond Conservancy receives its first land donation.

25 acres was given this year to the conservancy by two anonymous families. This land  will be forever protected from development and the beauty of Tamarack Bay will be enjoyed by future generations.

This shows the 25 acres of land given to the LPC.

Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the wild nature of Long Pond and its watershed by protecting the clean water and forest that surround it. Working with landowners, we seek to balance use with the conservation of scenic vistas, natural areas, and forest and lake ecologies. Please see our Legacy Campaign Brochure for more information!

Early evening at long pond

The Long Pond Conservancy had its beginnings in 2011 when, at the wedding of Sharp Swan and Lauren Murphy, they asked their guests to make donations to conserving Long Pond rather than bring a wedding gift.  From those modest first donations of $3,000, more than 50 people have contributed toward saving Long Pond for future generations.
Long Pond is one of those rare gems in the Adirondacks that is entirely owned by private individuals and yet has pristine shoreline, mountains and forest.  With the pressures of civilization it is only a question of time before houses, like around Augur Lake only 4 miles away, are dotting the skyline and encroaching upon the shores of Long Pond.  We are in the preliminary stages now of that development with several parcels of land almost ready to be available to the public along the beautiful western shoreline and a home being permitted for the summit of Little Huckleberry.

falling-treeThe threat is so real, and the need to act so imminent, that a few concerned citizens came together to form the Long Pond Conservancy, organized as a program of Champlain Area Trails(CATS), the local non-profit trails and conservation organization.  By forming an alliance with CATS, LPC can focus on conserving Long Pond and the precious resources of the watershed surrounding it without having to go through the costly and time-consuming process of becoming a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We recognize that our stated purpose is a particularly ambitious endeavor, and we are asking for your help.
As we develop our website we will outline our plans for protecting and conserving the land around Long Pond as well as providing some history and facts about the area.

Long Pond Conservancy Project Area
Long Pond Conservancy Project Area

The Long Pond Conservancy Watershed is incredible in that it has a varying degree of terrain with mountains, forest, wetlands and lakes. While the Pond itself lies entirely in the town of Willsboro, in the Northwest corner of that township, it also has lands that belong to the towns of Chestertown and Lewis. And the Conservancy lies entirely within Essex County and the Adirondack Park.

The highest mountain in our Conservancy is 1609 feet in elevation. Sometimes called Champlain because, coincidentally, its height happens to be the same as the year that Samuel De Champlain named the Lake after himself in 1609. Long Pond itself is 588 feet above sea level, though the lowest point in the Conservancy is about 225 ft along our Southeast border, which parallels the Fish and Games road in Willsboro.

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A Program of Champlain Area Trails